Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Driving skills training

This blog was sent to me by one Dr.Adhiraj Joglekar who commented on my blogs on bangalore traffic and I found it very useful and thought this should reach every Indian.

watch the videos and forward this to anyone and every one you know in India irrespective of they drive/ride or not. Ofcourse don't just watch videos try to follow them while you drive, than just crib about the mayhem we see on our roads or curse the others. most drivers in India are not even aware of the fact that there are road rules and what that white/yellow lines that you occasionally see on some roads are meant for.

These videos teach some small things which we overlook while driving but this can have major impacts on quality of driving and saftey on our roads , but most importantly is an attempt to change the image of India around the world as an object of ridicule when it comes to traffic management and civil/road sense. I am starting a email forward campaign in the hope it will educate some of the so called educated who use the net and then have a snowball effect. Hope.

last but not least do drop a line of appreciation for this man who made these videos.