Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Iphone has finally arrived.

Iphone has finally arrived.


OMG, apple has atlast made an iphone that even a nokia N97 uberphone geek cannot ignore. what more? while nokia phones are more like technology previewes, iphone really works afaik.
I just heard roumers about apples intention to announce iphone 3g S this week and before I could wink it was announced.

Damn, this is the nokia killer i-phone. Trust me, if only apple got the pricing right in markets like india, its sure to kill the highend nokia phone(N/E series a' la n97) market here. Apple seems to have got it almost right this time and more importantly it sure has the hardware to do it, even if some minor feature additions could be done in an update.

I was shocked to see the feature list of the new iphone 3g-s . I just started browsing the apple iphone3g page and it seem to be goin on and on. even the nokia tech spec page woulnt have lasted so long. and each feature after feature seems to be a direct answer to nokia's N97 (or other similar clones). the camera seems to be almost close to the 5MP(or 8mp) in the N series at 3 MP, with video recording at near DVD quality VGA @ 30fps), auto focus, it has almost managed to equal Nseries camera features. but for a casual pics/phone cam its good enuff. I just miss the videocall camera and since the hardware is missing, it might not be upgraded later too.

I heard the iphone might also have a FM transmitter and receiver. wow. that would save from buying a external transmitter.

While apple has caught up nokia in the uberphone space, nokia seems to be sleeping with its still outdated processor speeds, buggy software and most features practically useless.

I will write more on this later doing a full comparison of the N97 and the iphone 3G S and based on it I might buy one of them and hoping apple releases them in india soon in retail and not at those dizzy 45k heights but hopefully around 25k if not at $99 as in the US.