Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nokia 7710 pda multimedia smartphone - my review

This has been one long pending review I had to write after owning this phone for more than a year.
Well I as expecting the launch of this phone in the indian market even before it was anounced by nokia. i.e., I was expecting its predecessor the 7700 to be launched in india but to my disappointment was released only for testing by the service providers.
What was so great about this phone? well it was the first breed of convergence phones to hit the market, which had everything from a touch screen PDA, multimedia, camera, music, java and native OS platform, radio, TV, multiband, vpn, SIP, 2.5G highspeed EDGE or EPRS etc and also a phone.
the other competeing phones were the windows XP mobile based ones like ipaq, i-mate, O2 etc but I did not want a windows phone. others on the list were linux based ones like the motorola A780 et all and symbian based ones like the P900i, nokia 9xxx series etc.
for various reasone like price-> value, size, OS, compatibility,standards, latest technos etc I chose the 7710 and the A780. Unfortunately(will tell u why) I bought the 7710 as the A780 was not available in the market when I was shopping and I dint want to wait no more, cause I had been using a basic sony T100 for more than a year after I lost my last smart phone the nokia 3560. more over here in India people have a facination and good will for nokia's quality and signal strength.

I am talking about this fancy gizmo called the 7710,8764,66118,00.html,,70506,00.html

you could take a look at the site for detailed feature set.

here is a detailed list of important features of this phone.

  • Touch screen with handwriting recognition.
  • Connect to the Internet with EGPRS or HSCSD
  • Internet browser supports HTML / xHTML and Macromedia Flash 6
  • Vibrant 65,536 color wide screen
  • Megapixel camera (1152x864), 1.3 MP interpolated with latest OS update, 2X dig zoom.
  • Email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4)
  • Integrated handsfree & voice recorder
  • Bluetooth technology (including audio)
  • Personal Information Management: calendar, contacts, tasks, and more
  • Word, Sheet, and Presentation Viewers; Word & Sheet converter
  • Flight mode
  • MP3 player with stereo audio
  • Audio and video playback and streaming
  • Visual Radio
  • 90 MB internal storage and upto 1GB add on MMC rs-MMC card support in hot plug mode.
  • Wide variety of multimedia file type supported like AAC, WMA, ogg,PEG, GIF, WBMP, BMP, MBM, PNG, TIFF/F vorbis with plugins.
  • Java Midp 2 and classical jre.
  • GPRS and EDGE multislot class 10 (4+2, max 5) support upto 460 kbps. 2way speed.
  • extra long life batteries.

It also supports a wide variety of enhancements with the pop port interface and bluetooth.
car kits, hands free, adapters to connect to car audio or stereo system and more.

It basically promises to be a all in one kitchen sink of handheld devices. this is what impreseed me, but does it really deliver? we'll get there soon.

The phone is equiped with a 150 Mhz crystal 1 ARM processor with 40 MB ram and 32 MB flash.

......... to be contd.

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  1. Yaa actually this Handset is really good, but the only problem with it is that we are not able to play any online streaming video,s. And on the other Hnad finding the software for this Handset is bit difficult.
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