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comparing the iphone and N95?

Surely the iPhone is just big time hype of apple. its surely going to bomb for all the viral marketing and hype apple has made for a phone which is technologically 3 years behind today. by the time it is released in India it would be ancient if not prehistoric technology. except may be for the multi touch UI and larger screen.(but the phone is much bigger than the n95)

and dont even compare it with the N95 feature wise. just look at this tech specs and hold your jaws before it falls off.

the only 3 things n95 missed in todays leading edge techno are touchscreen UI, DVB-M receiver and larger storage (hope we get a 8GB micro sd soon in the market). and I also hope nokia releases the Nseries speech dictation/tts and vpn/push email for the N95 soon.

iPhone does not have 3/3.5G, no addon storage, no gps, no add-on 3rd party apps, camera is basic 2mp, and most importantly if I am correct, it does not support a SIM card and will be permanently locked to the service provider and no way of unlocking it. As of now it is going to be available only for at&t Cingular in the US. and these are only hardware features I am talking about. software wise N95 is not just highly customizable or add new features with 3rd party addon for its symbian series 60v3 OS, which is the most popular OS on mobile and probably has
every possible software for mobile devices, N95's default software set is really feature rich. again the iPhone can do just 5 things. Phone, iPod, maps, photo camera(and yes it CAN'T take videos while n95 can take Dvd quality video), browse(and widgets which is also avl for N95) nothing more.

The iPhone runs a modified version of OS X but hey apple does not intend to make it an open OS for 3rd party apps anytime soon as is the case with symbian. no wonder this OS is going to be the mac of mobile devices while symbian is already the windows of mobile world.

price wise its cheaper than the n95 as the 8GB one is $640 with taxes (+at&t service costs min $6o p.m) but pretty close. N95 was more expensive but has already fallen to such prices or even lower.

In short N95 has everything iPhone has (except multi touch and larger storage, which is coming soon with 8GB microsd) including the much hyped safari browser/widgets of iPhone, but iPhone does not have even half the features of N95. and the level of service integration in N95 is excellent(and surprise for a nokia phone). for example local yellowpages/yahoo search, linked with maps, location based services, voip integration in standard phone dialer, upload photos directly to flickr or other services, lifeblogging integrated with all actions of the device automatically like a journal, video/photo editing and movie maker on the device and integration over the air or thru usb/bt to pc/mac apps and so on.

N95 is anytime a better choice for an informed techno geek. may be the novice would fall prey to the hype of the iPhone, well they dont use the features anyways its just a show off device they need just to join the gizmo freak bandwagon which they have no idea about.

Still want to do a feature comparison, here we go



3.5G hsdpa(2008 trechnology)/umts(2006 techno)/edge quadband gsm

2.5g edge (2003 technology) quadband gsm

wlan 802.11 B/G

wlan 802.11 B/G

332Mhz arm 11 TI OMAP cpu with dedicated DSP, 64MB ram, 160MB internal flashmem, add on micro sd (1GB default, 2 GB available, 4/8gb expected soon) and 3D Graphics HW Accelerator

665 Mhz arm11 cpu :-) :-)

ram info NA, internal flashmem 4-8GB . no add on memory card, 3d hw?

Volume: 90 cc

Weight: 120 g :-)

Length: 99 mm :-)

Width: 53 mm :-)

Thickness (max): 21 mm

2.6" 320x240 tft dispay :-)

Weight: 4.8 ounces (135 grams)
Height: 4.5 inches (115 mm)

Width: 2.4 inches (61 mm)

Depth: 0.46 inch (11.6 mm) :-)

3.5" 320x480 scratch proof glass display :-):-)

video conferencing with face cam :-)

no 3G features no video conf

Symbian OS9.1 series 60V3 with 1000s of 3rd party apps and a huge developer and user community

OS X for mobile no 3rd party apps and apple not yet promoting developer community for the mobile edition.

No touch screen

touch UI - best feature of iphone :-)

5MP autofocus camera with carl zeiss lens, flash, digicam like features and ctrl , dvd quality video recording*640x480 at 30fps in mp4 format) :-) with video stabiliser

2MP basic camera(autofocus?)
no video recording. no digicam like buttons or functions

digital music /video player with true surround and standard headphone jack. external control module

support mp3, wma, aac, eaac+ |
real, ogg, 3gp, mp4 and many |
more formats. divx and avi |
support from add ons. :-) |
playlist and equalizer

WMP and nokia PC suite sync support

dedicated physical buttons.

rotating 3d gallery view

equal to an ipod nano video

not all formats are supported

Proprietary headphone?

external control module?

no dedicated physical buttons.

might have a 3d gallery view not sure

Built in GPS and navigator software with voice guidance. Gmaps also available

No gps, only gmaps

safari browser with minimap,visual history and plugins like flash player :-):-)

Safari browser but no plugins or flash player :-)

landscape and vertical display manual change using slider :-)

Automatic landscape or vertical display based on movement :-) :-)

TV out -use TV as monitor
browse watch videos on TV :-), play hw accelerated 3d games on tv screen. wow now that makes in a gaming console too.

no tv out

Home networking with wifi :-) and UPnP

no home networking

Bluetooth 2.x with audio GW :-)

bluetooth 2.x +edr :-)


No Ir

gprs/edge/umts/hsdpa modem :-)


Phone keypad - support for bluetooth keyboard.

full qwerty virtual keyboard. :-)

Voice recognition and TTS engine (talking ringtone , SIND etc)

Not available?

All format ringtones supported

Not all formats ipod supports can be made ringtones. i.e you cannot set an mp3 or song as ringtone L

Push to talk

No push to talk

Build in internet telephony (VOIP)

No voip

Java j2me midp cldc


Photo and video editors, blogging, podcast, online album, movie director, Instant messenger, yahoo and local yellowpages search, quickoffice, voice recorder, zip, file manager, adobe flash and pdf , wireless keyboard support, notes, calender, pda functions, and 3D openGL games

Not many built in apps, just basic pda funtions and maps.

Visual radio

No radio

Java based Widsets also available . similar to iphone widgets.

Widgets to provide 3rd party features

USB2 storage device

? only itunes supported.

Poor battery life. Max 4-6hrs music play back

Need to recharge everyday.

Needs to be tested but apple promised 24hr music playback or equivalent use. bad news is the battery cannot be removed.

The list is not comprehensive.
bottom line is n95 gives you unlimited possibilities in s/w and is not a restricted device like the i-Phone. N95 wins over iphone handsdown by all comparison except may be a couple features of iphone like UI and storage.
essentially n95 is a leading edge technology while iphone is a generation behind but class. if Iphone's next version can catch up with the then latest Nseries topend phone like the N95(N97?) then Iphone have a better chance to compete but apple need to go a long way in catching up with the developer community of symbian.

and if at all you want to compare N95 with contemporary phones, do it with the p990i, blackberry' curve, samsung blackjack, LG prada , treo or or such leading edge phones and m sure N95 still beats all of them handsdown and looks better than any of them except the iPhone.

here are some more comparative reviews. see the user comments against the official marketing.,239036203,339279031,00.htm

the real competetion for the N95 are still in development stages. may be we will see some this year. I would especially like to see a N97 with all features of n95 + a larger screen +touch screen + dvb-h + larger storage like 20GB or more + better battery life +....

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