Thursday, July 19, 2007

Applications for N95 and S60v3 multimedia devices - review

Here I will review and post information on some interesting and useful free/commercial applications that can really enhance the productivity of your N95/Nseries or other symbian series 60v3 phone.
Do watch this space as I will keep adding new software information as I find time.

Security Genius

This is one must have software that could help you possily trace your phone if someone stole your phone or you lost it.
This program is started automatically(and thats the only way to start) when you boot the phone and runs in the background.

the only way to access it is by dialing the access code *#123456# (which can be changed). once you get to the screen you can ser the password, 2 phone numbers to which this program will send SMS to in case someone changes the SIM card without your knowledge. you can also customize the message that will be sent to the numbers.
Since this is a security software it resides in stealth mode, i.e., not listed in the menu or installed applications list and cannot be uninstalled.

Download the trial version from one of the popular shareware sites for series 60 like , , , etc . official site is
tip:- the trial version can be reinstalled any number of times after expiry.

DivXplayer for series 60
Looking to play your dvds from your mobile, here is the right software for it. DivX's official player is free to download. All you need to do is register at and download it.
more details here

Now rip your dvds in divx without loosing quality transfer them to your mobile and watch them on the move.
smart movie is another popular software for the same purpose but its not free. though cracked versions are common, why use them where there is a free option. DixX player also brings in generic avi file support.

coming soon...
Google mail/(mg)maps/calender
yahoo Go!
handy safe/best crypto
vnc/rdesktop/putty and more
im+ - multi protocol IM
spodtronic/ parkcast/internet radio
mail for exchange
handy taskman

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